Darkness Productions

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with adobe premiere, after effects, photoshop and indesign you can create stunning stuff. feel free to contact me with your idea now.

Event promotion.

You are hosting an Anomaly? You need someone to create a promotion video, host your website including a shop or just create some awesome graphics? Hell yeah, you are right.

your trailer incl. music

your video fits perfect to the sound

shop mockups

its always nice to have a model wearing your cloths

corporate design

all graphics & videos fit to one design.

Check out my YouTube channel, there are a lot of more videos.

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Sold items

Get your CMS & Anomaly Shop now.

RES Melbourne

RES Melbourne

T-Shirt Design

RES Melbourne

RES Melbourne

T-Shirt Design

RES Stuttgart

RES Stuttgart

Community T-Shirt

Enjoy your Anomaly even more.

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